Dr. Henry Louie
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seattle University, Co-Founder, KiloWatts for Humanity


Below are the .pdf version of the slides I use to teach various courses at Seattle University. Most, but not all slides are provided for each course. The slides are not intended to be stand-alone. Errors and omissions may be present. The lecture numbers do not necessarily correspond to a lecture period. The courses are a quarter in duration (not semester).

Please contact me if you wish to use these slides.

Renewable Energy Systems (version 3)

    01-Energy Sources

    02-Energy Fundamentals


    04-Electric Power

    05-Power System Basics

    06-Solar Resources

    07-Solar Resources Part 2

    08-Solar Resources Part 3

    09- PV Part 1

    10- PV Part 2

    11-PV Power Electronics

    12-Batteries, Inverters

    13-PV System Design

    14-Wind Resource


    16-Wind Energy Conversion

    17-Stand Alone Wind Power


    19-Solar Thermal

    20-CSP Technologies

    21-Hydro Power

Power Systems Analysis (version 3)

    01-Energy Sources

    02-Power Plants

    03-Electric Power System

    04-Phasors and Power Review

    05-Three Phase Analysis

    06-Transmission Lines Introduction

    07-Transmission Line Inductance
    08-Transposition and Bundling

    09-Transmission Line Capacitance

    10-Transmission Line Models

    11-Transmission Line Matrix

    12-Power Transmission

    13-Transformer Review

    14-Per Unit

    15-System Model

    16-Matrix Algebra Review

    17-Network Matrices

    18-Power Flow Part 1

    19-Power Flow Part 2

    20-Power Flow Part 3

    21-Power Flow Part 4

    22-Economic Dispatch Part 1

    23-Economic Dispatch Part 2

    24-Frequency Control

    25-Unbalanced Operation Supplement

Electromechanical Energy Conversion (version 2)

   01-AC Circuits Review


   03-Real, Imaginary, Complex Power

   04-Power Factor

   05-Three Phase Circuits

   06-Three Phase Analysis


   08-Vector Analysis Review


   10-BH Curve

   11-Magnetic Circuits

   12-Magnetic Circuit Analysis
   13-Mutual Inductance

   14-Ideal Single Phase Transformers

   15-Non-Ideal Single Phase Transformers

   16-Three Phase Transformers

   17-Three Phase Transformers Part 2

   18-Specialty Transformers

   19-Generator and Motor Principles Part 1

   20-Generator and Motor Principles Part 2

   21-Torque and Back EMF

   22-DC Machine Construction

   23-DC Generators Part 1

   24-DC Generators Part 2

   25-Series DC Motors

   26-Shunt and Compound DC Motors

   27-Machine Losses and Ratings

   28-Principles of AC Machines

   29-Induction Machine Principles

   30-Induction Machine Models

   31-AC Machine Construction

   32-Synchronous Generators Part 1

   33-Synchronous Generators Part 2

34-Synchronous Generator Operation

   35-Synchronous Motors

   36-Single Phase Motors

   37-Synchronous Machine Power Angle

Electrical Circuits I (version 2, first half)


    02-Basic Concepts

    03-Circuit Elements

    04-Basic Laws Part 1

    05-Basic Laws Part 2

    06-Basic Laws Part 3

    07-Nodal Analysis

    08-Mesh Analysis

    09-Circuit Theorems

    10-Source Transformations

Digital Operations and Computation (version 3)

    01-Number Systems

    02-Binary Arithmetic

    03-Boolean Algebra Part 1

    04-Boolean Algebra Part 2

    05-Boolean Algebra Part 3


    07-Minterms and Maxterms

    08-Karnaugh Maps

    09-Multi-Level Gates

    10-Combinational Logic Design

    11-Mux, Decoder, ROM

    12-Latches, Flip-Flops

    13-Registers and Counters Part 1

    14-Registers and Counters Part 2

    15-Sequential Circuit Analysis


  Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB (version 1)

    01-MATLAB Environment


    03-Arrays Part 1

    04-Arrays Part 2

    05-Arrays Part 3

    06-Array Operations Part 1

    07-Array Operations Part 2

    08-Array Functions

    09-Random Numbers

    10-Script Files

    11-Displaying Data

    12-Reading Data

    13-Writing Data


    15-Annotating Plots

    16-Special Plots

    17-Relational Logical Operators

    18-Conditional Statements Part 1

    19-Conditional Statements Part 2

    20-Loops Part 1

    21-Loops Part 2

    22-Functions Part 1

    23-Functions Part 2

    24-Functions Part 3

    25-3D Plots


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